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Frequently Asked Questions

This pamphlet contains information to help you anticipate what to expect in the post-operative recovery phase and that it will answer common questions that are frequently asked of the thyroid surgery. The post-operative care will depend on the type of surgery performed. The 2 common surgeries are hemithyroidectomy (removal of one lobe of the thyroid) or total thyroidectomy (removal of both lobes of the thyroid).

Do I Need To Stay In Hospital?

Hemithyroidectomy : After this procedure, patient will be reviewed and sent home on the same day. However, patients who need to stay in the hospital due to issues related to surgery, anesthesia or other reasons may be kept for one night.

Total Thyroidectomy : Patients undergoing this operation will usually need to stay in the hospital for 1-2 days after the surgery for monitoring. A blood check the day after the surgery is necessary to ensure a normal calcium levels before home.

Will There Be Pain After Surgery?

There is usually some pain over the neck wound incision, although this is less that most patients expect. This is due to the fact anesthetic is usually given to the wound site and additional pain medicine is given after the surgery. Pain medicine will also be given to the patient upon discharge.

How Can I Care For My Wound?

Usually, we use a cosmetic closure technique that does not require sutures to be removed. The wound is covered with plaster gauze or a plastic waterproof cover for protection. The wound dressing will be changed a few days after the surgery.


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