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Larynx (VoiceBox) Cancer

Laryngeal Cancer (Voice Box) is a common, especially among smokers. Fortunately, cancer of the voice box usually affects the voice and so patients present early for diagnosis. Sadly, there are patient who still present late due to delay of seeking treatment or diagnosis. Often the patient complains of a change in the voice, throat pain or hoarseness. The patient may have difficulty breathing or swallowing if the larynx cancer is too big. Treatment depends on the site as well as the stage of disease. Early cancer can be treated by Laser Surgery and A/Prof Tan has had several years of experience in this field in advanced cancer of the voice-box, treatment is by chemotherapy and radiation, but may still require surgery if cancer is not well controlled.

If one has to have a voice box removed, A/Prof Tan tries to preserve some of the function and he has performed many partial laryngectomies (hemi-laryngectomies, supraglottic and supracroid). If this is not possible, a total laryngectomy would then be performed. The final goal in treatment of such patients is to enable them to eat and speak, free of cancer.

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  • Early Cancer Diagnosis
  • Transoral Laser Surgery
  • Partial Layrngeal Surgery

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