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Voice Preservation & Use of Nerve Stimulator

One of the main concern of thyroid surgery is the risk of injury to the nerves to the voice production. Voice production is controlled by several factors and one which is the innervation of the vocal cord muscle by the laryngeal nerves.

One each side of the thyroid gland, the recurrent laryngeal nerve which is the main nerve controlling the vocal cord is intimately related to the back surface of the gland.

During surgery, it is of prime importance to identify and preserve the nerve in its continuity. However, in some cases, a physical continuity does not translate to a functional nerve.

Nerve monitoring is becoming more popular in assisting the surgeon to confirm the presence of a nerve. It does not take away the need for surgical experience. However, in difficult cases, it has been found to be helpful. The nerve stimulator workers by conducting an impulse to through the nerve which moves the vocal cord and is detected by a sensor on the endotracheal tube. Although this by itself is not full proof, it helps in difficult situations.


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