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Our clinic is dedicated to the management of thyroid, head and neck surgery fully supported by a comprehensive range of diagnostic, endoscopic & robotic equipment. Being a mature and high volume practice of more than 15 years, we see patients and physicians from around the world seeking the highest degree of expertise in thyroid and head and neck surgery.

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Specialised Services

Nasal & Sinus Endoscopic Surgery

The paranasal sinuses(commonly referred to as sinus) are complex air cell pockets under the cheek(maxillary), under the forehead (frontal), between the eyes( ethmoid) and...

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Parathyroid Surgery

The parathyroid gland is not one but four glands that are sited next to the thyroid gland, hence it’s name para(next to)thyroid glands. However, other than the anatomical relationship of the glands...

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Thyroid Cancer & Staging

There are several forms of thyroid cancers which are staged in different ways. The commonest form of thyroid cancer are the well differentiated thyroid cancers know as papillary...

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Voice Preservation & Use of Nerve Stimulator

One of the main concern of thyroid surgery is the risk of injury to the nerves to the voice production. Voice production is controlled by several factors and one which is the innervation of the vocal cord...

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Head & Neck Cancer

The organs in the head and neck region are responsible for some of the most crucial functions known to man, such as breathing, speech, swallowing, taste, sight and smell.

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Larynx (Voice Box) Cancer

Laryngeal Cancer (Voice Box) is a common, especially among smokers. Fortunately, cancer of the voice box usually affects the voice and so patients present early for diagnosis.

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Nasopharynx Cancer

In Singapore, the most common head and neck cancer occurs at the junction of the back of the nose, and the top of the throat (pharynx) called Nasopharyngeal Cancer (NPC).

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Mouth & Throat Cancer

This is a group of cancers which involve the lining of the swallowing and breathing passages. Specific cancer sites include the lips, tongue, buccal mucosa, tonsil, mandible, maxilla, larynx and pharynx.

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Upper Neck Lumps

The swelling of the upper part of the neck is a common problem and the common diagnosis in the region included a cervical lymph node, parotid tumour and a parapharyngeal tumour.

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